Here are the lyrics of all my songs; some are really autobiographical, and those who already know me understand them well...Anyway even the people that I've never met, will be able to understand a lot of me, of my world and of my way of thinking reading these lyrics .

NOTE: Since the lyrics are in Italian, the whole lyrics section is in Italian, so if you are surfing the English website, you will be redirected to the Italian website while surfing back. To reenter the English version, just click on "English Version" at the top of any page. Thank you.
If any English mother tongue poet or songwriter would like to collaborate with me to translate some of my songs or to get his songs translated into Italian, please contact me, I'm really interested in this kind of collaboration.

"...le canzoni son come i fiori, nascon da sole, sono come i sogni;
e a noi non resta che scriverle in fretta perchè poi svaniscono, e non si ricordano più..."
"..."Songs are like flowers / they are born by themselves / they are like dreams / and we only have to / write them quickly / because then they fade away / and we will not remeber them"..." (Vasco Rossi) Top