I'm a songwriter from Montefiascone (VT), where I was born on the 30th of September 1982. I study information technology engineering at the Univeristy of Pisa.

I love to define my music "soft-rock" or, maybe as I write in Italian, "rock leggero". My music style has been strongly influenced by the rock of Ligabue, Vasco Rossi, Enrico Ruggeri, but also Deep Purple, Guns & Roses, 883 and the great Lucio Battisti. Yet, even if my music is of this kind, I have been strongly influenced by the traditional music of Montefiascone, often played by unknown characters, but still quite good from an artistic point of view. Because it's true that we have to innovate, but we must remember our roots.

I love beautiful girls, good drinks, reading, travelling, messing around with friends, sport (judo, baseball, game of billiard), Bolsena lake and my town.In short, my passions are those shared by the madjority of the guys of my age.

I come from "the small italian province" and I'm proud of this, because I love the purity of the values that one can still find among people living there. I love the contact with nature, and the knowledge of traditions that still strongly tie up my land with my people.

My songs are often (not always, tough...) inspired by real life moments, so while listening to it you can find a lot of me, of my ideas and of my past. It is certain that I write to communicate this: love, rage, sadness, disappointment, hope. I believe that a song can hold a feeling just like the album holds a song. Every time I play a song that holds past emotions, I feel good.